At Retail Brands Australia we actively manufacture and source products from across the globe which make everyday life more enjoyable. Our extensive range of professional and handyman stock include items from Bencil, Flexcils, Siliceze, Miracle-Gro, Way2Gro, and Radius. Our online store makes it easier to buy what you need fast, and our dedicated courier service offers safe and secure Australia wide delivery.

The patented grip maximizes your power and comfort while minimizing hand and wrist stress. The sleek, multi-functional blades make home and professional gardening more enjoyable.

Miracle-Gro’s range of products feature a unique patented handle design which creates more leverage with less stress and a comfort grip for maximum results with minimum effort.

Siliceze makes siliconing easy. Your Siliceze pack includes a hand tool, the Siliceze liquid, and four sealant profilers. Siliceze sticks to where you want not where you don’t.

Flexcils last up to twenty times longer than your average pencil and unlike normal pencils Flexcils can be bent and twisted so if you’re sick of having a box full of unuseable pencils get some Flexcils.

Bencil is the world’s most flexible builders pencil so it won’t break if you sit on it! Bencil is all pencil, there’s no wood, just the writing material so it lasts up to ten times longer.